2. Rights and obligations of the parties
2.1 The rights and obligations of the lessor:
2.1.1 The lessor shall transfer to the lessee the car in good technical condition under the terms set in Appendix 1, only in case the lessee pays the specified rent and guarantee amount in accordance to the established procedures.
2.1.2 Besides the vehicle the lessor also transfers to the lessee the following documents:
Registration certificate of the vehicle.
 Insurance policy.
2.1.3 The lessor shall provide vehicle repair and timely technical services which are included in the rental amount except for the cases when such service is caused by the fault of the lessee.
2.1.4 During repair period (except cases caused by the fault of the lessee and / or car accidents) and / or during periodic technical repair of the vehicle the lessor shall change to the other car at its disposal based on the act of acceptance. Lessor and lessee relations shall apply to this agreement in case of change of the vehicle.
2.1.5 The lessor shall receive the vehicle from the lessee at a time and place specified in Appendix N1, as well as for date in accordance with the terms of the contract.
2.2.6 The lessor shall be entitled to verify the vehicle's location and its position via connection with the lessee at any time.
2.2.7 The lessor is entitled to withhold the guarantee amount paid by the lessee (fully or partially) in case the lessee's breach of contract. Also the lessor has the right to charge the lessee for all expenses which would be caused by the latter as a result of wrong operation of the vehicle (evacuation costs, inspection costs, loss of income (as a result of the immobilized vehicle), and so on).
2.2.8 The lessor is entitled to terminate the contract before its expiration and to require from the lessee to return the vehicle immediately if the lessee grossly violates the terms of the contract and / or in case of the lessee will provide inaccurate or false data to the lessor at the conclusion of the agreement.
2.2.9 The lessor can unilaterally take into account other specific circumstances for the termination of the contract if such circumstances are the source of the increased risk for the property that is unwarranted.
2.2.10 After expiration of the date for vehicle lease within 24 hours the lessor has the right to apply to law enforcement agencies for failure to return the vehicle by the lessee and declare that the car has been stolen, whatever it’s possible to give rise to criminal liability, which is known for the lessee.
2.2.11 In case of the lessee’s untimely return of the vehicle along with daily charging of the lease for the vehicle the lessor has the right to charge the lessee for penalty of 30% for each delayed day and the lessee shall be obligated to pay it.
2.2.12 By the time of the return of the vehicle by the lessee the lessor is entitled to verify the penalties at the official web site of Ministry of Internal Affairs: www.police.ge and in case of detecting any of it the lessee will pay if it is imposed in the period when the car was in the lessee’s possession.
2.2. The lessee's rights and obligations and guarantees:
2.2.1 The lessee has the right to inspect the usage terms, conditions and rules of insurance before starting the operation of the car.
2.2.2 Before launching the vehicle to inspect it.
2.2.3 By the lessor's request to supply the vehicle for periodic technical inspection (if necessary).
2.2.4 The lessee shall present the vehicle for planned car maintenance services after driving 5000 mls. The lessee is responsible for the control of the mentioned mileage.
2.2.5 To use the car only for personal purposes and not for business, advertising or other purposes.
2.2.6 To use the car personally. Do not hand over anyone other than authorized persons listed in Appendix 1.
2.2.7 Do not use the car for sport races, inaccessible places and while extreme weather conditions, or as a towing or trailer for any other vehicle, as well as for teaching purposes.
2.3.8 To control the vehicle's technical condition and in case of the existence of any defect to notify the lessor.
2.3.9 To use the vehicle according to the technical operation and traffic rules.
2.3.10 To pay rent amount timely.
2.3.11 For the transmission of the vehicle to take reasonable steps to prevent the vehicle loss / damage, theft, fire, or other reasons. The mentioned measures may include the obligation of leaving the vehicle in the parking place, its closure, the protection system involvement, etc.
2.3.12 To buy fuel for vehicle by his own funds of quality at least АИ-93, to pay for parking, carwash, wiper fluid and other expenses.
2.3.13 To pay any penalty that will be imposed for violation of traffic rules, including video-fine during the lessee's use of the vehicle.
2.3.14 The lessee is familiar with the terms of car insurance and obliged to follow the rules otherwise he is liable to compensate for any losses and other costs to the lessor and / or third parties. As well as in case of damages which are not covered by insurance or are covered partially, the lessee gives guarantee to compensate for the losses / difference.
2.3.15 The lessee is responsible for all the damages at own expense which he/she caused to third parties’ life, health and property as a result of the operation of the leased vehicle.
2.3.16 In case of the vehicle damage by the lessee’s fault the latter is obliged to compensate the caused damage to the lessor which is reflected in unearned income (calculated on a daily basis and the expected days) due to the immobility of the vehicle which is in repair. In such cases the rental fee and the guarantee amount is not subject to return.
2.3.17 The lessee shall reimburse the lessor for additional services, whatever he/she uses in the car-mounted set. This service and its value are determined by Appendix 1.
2.3.18 The lessee shall provide transmission of  the damaged car in the parking lot of the lessor.
2.3. Lessee announces and warrants that:
2.3.1 No country has deprived him the driving license.
2.3.2 There is no: the court decision regarding to disqualifications of driving license and no trial is investigated, prosecuted due any auto accident (hereinafter - the AA);
2.3.3 Do not have any physical and mental illness or disorder which represents an obstacle to drive.
2.3.4 The lesser has never been deprived the driving license for the abuse of alcohol or drug addiction.
2.3.5 Does not drive under influence of alcohol or drugs and also never allows driving to those who are in such condition, otherwise he/she will compensate all possible harm.

3. The vehicle transmission
3.1 The vehicle transmission and return is based on the acceptance act. The acceptance act is an integral part of this agreement.
3.2 At the end of the lease term or in case the agreement cancellation the lessee will hand over the vehicle to the lessor with all the set, additional equipment and accessories which were given to him/her. All the mentioned ones should be technically in good condition considering the normal usage.
3.3. The car must be returned in the condition of the temporary use otherwise the lessee should compensate the cost of the repair work which will be needed to hold the vehicle by the time of return.
3.4 Vehicle transmission / return by the lessee is carried out to the location on the basis of mutual agreement and the acceptance act. The car is considered to be transferred / returned if at the time of the vehicle transmission the acceptance act is signed by the lessee and the lessor’s authorized officer signed and wrote that the car is received and got no complaints.
3.5 In the case of the appearance of inappropriate vehicle view (damage, scratch, dent, crack, etc.) in addition to the injuries which are mentioned in the acceptance act of vehicle transmission, also discrepancy in set, additional equipment and documents, the above-mentioned acceptance act will be signed by the lessor’s representative with mentioned discrepancy. Such losses are deducted from the guarantee amount and if it does not fully cover the damage the lessee shall reimburse the requirement of the law and under this agreement.